Thursday, March 3, 2011

What alot of ice-cream I got

Clearly I forgot how much fun it is to sit outside a shop and eat ice-cream.I am sure we have all been told to do that at some point in our lives by our mothers.Well on Chante's birthday we went to the shop to go buy cake and goodies for tea that evening by her house and it was realy hot so I said hay Steven you want an ice-cream and well of course he was game for it.Then Ryan said "also want ice-cream"so I got him an ice-cream and we went to sit outside while Ouma and Te finished the shopping.And here I thought Ryan was ganna make a big mess and he bearly messed anything on himself.But it was rather entertaining to watch them enjoy their ice-creams.And to watch Ryan try to get that piece of chocolate that fell off onto his hand ,into his mouth.hehe!
 I am sure it tastes nice guys,because mine did.And yes of course I had 1 to,did you realy think I was standing outside watching tham and I wasn't going to enjoy a lovely cold ice-cream while they were.PShhh.
 Steven was dead quiet ,just enjoying his caramel ice-cream
 Lick that sticky hand and puch that piece of chocolate in hehe
Don't loose that piece Ryan


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