Friday, March 4, 2011

Play time with Ryan= Ryan time

Wow check at that,he says
maybe if I just move the remote closer it will go where I want it,hehe.(I am sure that is what he was thinking)
He just looked so cute sitting with his little legs hanging off the bed ,trying to look like he realy knows what he is doing.
I'm playing Cars Game on Joshua's playstation.Good thing it was while josh didn't know about it.
Cute chubby little hands gripping on the remote,I love it.
Thumbs ready and ......GO!!

I realy need to learn to take my video clips the right way up.:(

"Come on Game"

then we got bored with playing that and went to play with some cars and spiderman in the toy room.Fun to watch him make car noises.
He said that grant was having a birthday and he was asked if he sang happy birthday to him ,he replied with a confident Ja!but there after was more worried about what else was happening and didn't want to answer anymore questions.


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