Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Grillers experience...

Well the other night we went to eat at Grillers.So just for fun I took some pics.
 The Menu
Inside the menu they display their diner EATiquette which I had a good litttle chuckle at.
A good one was Order what you WANT and EAT what you GET!I am presuming that is for the more difficult customers.

 My hotdog and my yummy orea Milkshake.

Jacky and I had a yummy hotdog and chips,Grant had a steak and ships,Tayla had spagetti and Josh had fish Fingers and chips.His new found fav.(it used to eat it when he was even smaller if you can believe him being any smaller,but then went off them)Anyway he was trying to get out of eating all of his food and I mean it is only 3 little fish fingers and  a tiny hand ful of chips,so the waitress said if he didn't eat all his food he ws going to stay behind when everyone goes home and she kept showing him she is watching him hehe.So he ate it all.:) Now we tell him we have her number and we will phone Jessica I think her name was everytime he doesn't want to eat his food.


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