Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Road trip 2 Cape Town part 3-Boulders Beach

Sat 19th March 
After Table Mountain we dropped my mother off at home and then went on our merry way to look for Boulder's Beach.Which for the record is VERY FAR away from Strand.We got there to late and they were already closed but we still got to walk on the beach amongst the penguins.They just walk around there freely.
Also you as why is it called Boulder's Beach ,the only answer I can think of is there are massive boulders in the water which you can see from far away before you even get there.
 It looked so pretty with this thick cloud of mist but it barely came out in my photo. :(

 Ah feel the love.

 Right at the back there is the biggest boulder ,it looks so strange to see it there in the middle of no where.

 I think this will be the only time i get to just walk freely amongst penguins so close to me and they didn't mind to much that I took photos's.My kinda penguins.

 The kid's had so much fun they didn't want to leave but it was getting dark and we still had far to ride and had to get an open shop to buy some things to make to eat.
 Tayla's Twinkle toes which I painted with some cute pink nail polish.

 Ah and this moon was stunning and we tried about 20 times to get a decent photo but while Grant was driving I asked Jax to take a photo and well I had many beautiful photo's of some lovely trees and some cars hehe we had a good laugh trying.I guess you had to be there to appreciate how pretty it looked because the photo doesn't give it justice.


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