Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grant's Offcamber camping Weekend-in his birthday week Part 2

Lauren didn't like the noise of the bakkies that the guys were moving
I like this pic,just thought it came out nice with the clouds in the background.
Lauren and her Daddy

The Wolf pack decided it was pretty cool that they all had Colt Bakkies so they needed a few pics.So here they are.

The main men all leaning on their cars,Even Ryan did the cross my leg and lean like his dad.

Dad ,when his bakkie was still clean.By the end of the weekend it wasn't very clean anymore.
Ryan is playing,I love the way he sits
Look at that smile -pity the camera was on the wrong setting so it was a bit fuzzy.
Tessa wanted another photo this time with her car the right way up.
Then what happened was that Jacky gave Tessa some biltong and she gave her a bit much I guess  because some of it hung out his mouth so she asked Ryan if he wanted some.And so she leaned forward and he bit off the piece of biltong.I didn't get a pic of that because I was to busy laughing and was a bit in shock that they came up with that.But it did give me an idea.So I said hay Tessa kiss Ryan.And so they did and it was so CUTE!
Kissing Cousins.Total Kodak moment.Pitty it wasn't that clear but I still love the pic.
Then the kids had sparklers!Much Fun...
Ryan with his -which he once again burnt his little finger with ,he does it every time,but he won't let you help him.
The concentration


Tayla.Who wouldn't let me get her face in the photo
You guys always love sparklers so much


This one came out perfect I love how everything else looks like it is moving except chelsea

And last but not least Sarah

Then the naughty 40th cake.Grant did say he wanted a girl for his birthday ,I don't think this is what he had in mind but best he was ganna get.
Jacky made these very cute Grant's fan club shirts for them to wear when they brought our the cake.It was a very cute idea.

The happy birthday !
Grant checking out his chick
Having a little feel I see
And then he took a bite.
Somehow the kids thought they were meant to take a bite as well.
Grants bite
The toast.
I tried so many times to get this pic so I said don't close your eyes.But I didn't mean look like this either.hehe

Craig,Grant and their dad
Pity Scott wasn't still there.And pity for this smoke from the braai
Then we got the Hammett brothers.
Justin,Michael and Paul

Then Grant decided that a few other people had to try out for his fan club.i am not sure who was accepted into the fan club.Grant had said it was a very elite group.

Craig you are just to thin.i think you lost weight putting up the tents.


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