Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rub a Dub dub 3 kids in a tub...

3 Kids in the tub...

At least they are clean toes now
Monkey toes

Water fountains.thank goodness for ripples in the water otherwise you wouldn't be impressed if I used this photo.There was also cute butt shots of you all together but Tayla made me promise I wouldn't put her butt on my blog.Darn!You didn't mention that I couldn't use these but you probably meant to.(you can hate me later)You guys said take pictures ,so I did.
Elf ears
You guys do silly things
realy you do

And then you guys were finally clean enough to get out,thank goodness because any longer and i think all the water would have been on the floor.

And then Steven was doing silly dance moves that made you guys all giggle.


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