Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grant's Offcamber camping Weekend-in his birthday week Part 3

Ok then only like the best part about going camping was an excuse to get this very childish but very cute hello kitty sleeping bag.:)

The next morning some went off to the Bass dam to go fish,while the rest of us started to pack up.

The big pack up

Then after looking at some monkeys it was time for some playing

I just had to take a pic of this sign by the outside shower.
And here I have no idea what they were doing or trying to do,I had just walked past and well took advantage of the kodak moment.

Then yet again more swimming.I still can't believe that Jacky and Michelle didn't swim,the water was awesome.It had to have been because I swam.It was a bit cold just to get in but after that you don't want to get out.

I tricked Caitlin into standing right in the middle there so that Michael could jump in behind them to splash them.This is afterwards,thats why she is wet,she wasn't to sure she was going to get in before that.
Oh my word these goggles were so tight I didn't realise they made my face look so weird hehe.
I totally love this pic of Ryan and Michael.
Tarrin-At least we got you to go under hehe
Tayla and Grant
Michael you look like you are trying to drown me me lol
Ok girls 1,2,3
Cute pic ,both kissing me on the cheek.You can't really see because us girls have such long hair it seems to get in the way. :) like it though

The "Maked man"as they say it
Ahh ,and then some fun and games with Oupa.
Yeah oupa
then your naked pose -You could so be a model for some advert.Because I didn't make you do this you did it all on your own.To cute.little show off.

I am sure you will hate me for this one day when you are older but then i will say to you.I can't help you were so darn cute.
Ah now look at that toosh.Mwahhh
Then all the "chuthers"in the bakkie on our way to go see the dam.
Thumbs up to you to Josh.

the men once again trying to get that perfect shot of their cars.

Ag look how cute you look hehe.
You didn't like that I was taking pics and that I said you looked cute.
Why we decided to torture ourselves going up here in the blazing heat I don't know.I am sure the guys had something to do with that.
Michelle decided to give me a little pose.
Man that is a lot of steps.And now because I waited to take this pic I have to go up here really quickly to catch up to the rest.
The dam

Jax taking a break
Ryan had the best spot,he didn't have to walk.Lucky fish.

The 2 pretty girls
Then Craig and Grant decided they would go down this tiny hole(which by the way I am sure they are not allowed to)Trust them to want to do that.

Grant took this pick from in the hole.

And now in this heat I am so ready to go.
Josh is ready and waiting to

I think jax and the kids are to.

And that brought us to the end of our Off camber adventure.


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