Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Joshua's Bush wacker Party!!!

The Venue: Bush Wackers
Time: 2:30
Date: 27 Feb 2011
Occasion: Joshua's 7th Birthday 
The Army Tanker Cake -that he couldn't wait to see.
Tayla in her Army Gear.
Tayla and the cousins
Oh haha Josh

You look very excited!
Damian being a Gladiator
The Camo Family-Chante realy goes all out to mstch the party theme.
Matthew,Josh and Benjamin.Joshua's buddies from School.
Michelle even tried the one obstacle.hehe
Ahh check Ryan's 1st black eye-he match the party's theme though.He was abit cranky here still he had just woken up before the party.
The kids all doing their warm ups
Now 1 leg

 Nadine and Lauren
 Josh had to pick 1 person to be the other team leader ,he said that it is hard to choose and then chose Benjamin.Then they had to choose their team mates.

Josh was in the green team so he had green war paint on and a Big C on his head for Captain.
 The team getting war paint.
 Joshua's team-The Eagles.Josh for some reason chose mainly girls and his buddy Matthew.We couldn't understand it but may be there was method to his madness(he might have chose girls but he chose all the older kids hehe)
 Caitlyn and Lauren
 Getting told how this will all happen now.The team captains in the front now Ok get ready!
 And GO!!!!!!Josh shot off like a rocket ...
 By this point all the adults got into it and were screaming GO,GO to their kid or family memeber hehe.
 Go Steven!
Sho Check Tayla
 Michael and Ryan.Shame ryan was holding his little hands together I wonder if he was worried about all the adults cheering or about his brother participating.
 Shee wizz check the dust you were going pretty fast.
 Go Tayla Go Tayla Go!!
 Such a cutie pie look at those chubby cheeks
 K next one I'm ready...
 The balancing.
 Oh and the tyres.We were very worried that Joshua's little legs would be to short to reach inside both tyres so we told him to just jump ontop of each tyre.But He did it like a pro.I didn't get a pic of him zooming through it because I was May be Grant did and then I will post his pics to.
 Ohh the net and Josh and Benjamin were neck in neck here.
 Then Josh got slow and damian on the other team was already over.Josh had gotten stuck in the net but he didn't take to long to get out.
 Tayla stopped for a quick smile.
 I love this photo of Lauren.
 Tayla was good at this one -may be she should do hurdles.
Next stop the Tyre Tunnel.Which as an adult we thought would be easy for the kids being so tiny to go through with ease.We pictured them just taking a dive and ending up on the other side hehe.Boy were we wrong they actually took long with this one ,but all good fun.
I like this one .1,2,3, Go Josh
 Ryan still not wanting his photo taken.Go away!
 Matthews through...
 Damians through...
Tayla's through... 

Steven's through
 Now for the swing rope.Josh was abit short for this one.He needed abit of help.
 Hehe father and son look the same,"match match,same same" as Ryan would say.
Now they have to get ready for the Muddy part so some of the guys took there shirts off. Little hotties...Insert sexy whistle here please!

Now for the part the kids were looking forward to and the part we all laughed at the most....the MUD.
They have to jump in and run through the mud to get to the other side.Go under a beam and then run to the bucket and take 1 ball and run to take it back.And touch the next person in your teams hand and then it starts again....At the end you see which team has collected the most balls.
 The first jump,Josh hesitated

 WOW go Steven-Action shot
 Caitlyn's sprint and jed abit hesitant
 Ja ok not all the kids were glad to go in the mud were they.
 Tyala just had to get into it first.
 OOOh Steep uphill there.And it is Josh against Steven
 While all this was happening.Jacky was cheering go Josh and Chante was cheering Go Steven.We almost had an afisticuffs on our hands lol.Better pull these 2 apart.
 Steven's big show off jump and then he landed on his butt hehe.Was a good jump though.

oooh right in the deep

 Lets count how many balls we collected.

 Wow you guys look crazy.
 Just look at this bunch
 1,2,3 shout YEAH!
 Now for the wash down on the boot camp version of a slippery slide.
Benjamin's turn
 Caitlyn gets a splash
 Check your action shot Tayla
 man you are dirty

 They had so much fun doing the slippery slid we couldn't get them off.They just kept screaming 1 more turn and lets go again.I think it was because it was so hot.

 Now off to the boot race...

 Ryan still watching from the shade.

 They had to feel a gum boot with water from the black barrel and put it on and run to the other side and pour water into the bucket on the other side.The team who's ball washes out of their bucket because it is filled with water...WINS!!!

Don't spill any water Steven.Shaine watching Steven from the back there.
This is fun hay Josh?

Get all that water in there.
Almost there Steven.
Oh and Matthews last boot of water takes the Win and Joshua's team the Eagles WIN!!!
Check Joshua with his arm in the air ,screaming yes because they won.So the team with mostly girls won,how about that.Maybe Josh was smart about his choice.Insert proud screams and applause here please.

Blow those candles Josh.deep breath now.Party pack time YUM
So poud aren't you.
Ohh and your crazy eyes

Ok and now let me explain this very depressed look...
The Boot race was Stevens favourite part of bushwackers when he had been there for a party previously.And his team had one that time and they were very good.But this time he was on the loosing team.And it was a very close win because they had been tie for a while.But some of the kids on the team which Steven was on didn't pass the boot to the next team mate they would throw in down or in the barrel so it took their team mates longer to first get the boot before starting each time.So he was very very upset because he said they would have won if those kids didn't do that.It was all very sad just to watch him in such tears.He said it was the worst day and worst party ever and then would continue to cry.Shame no one could console him.This went on for I'm ganna say about 6 or 8 minutes.

 Ryan with his water gun.The bigger kids all got why can't he?
 Look at that smile.
 lauren got 1 to.
 Come Lauren sit with Ryan.She wasn't all that impressed.May be she isn't into boys yet.
 You so sweet.Eating your smarties.(which aren't brightly coloured anymore by the way,what is up with taht?That was the best part)

 Ryan shooting his mom and dad's trying to help him.
 The kids found 2 frogs in taht mud they were in -eeck
 Lauren didn't want the frog to near her.
 Ryan still shooting away.
 Nadine trying to get Lauren to go in the mud for me.
 Chubby hands and feet

 Ryan's turn for the swing rope
 Lauren wanted her feet clean after the mud issue.

 Steven trying to get Ryan to come to him in the mud so I can get cute pics.HE wanted to know nothing that was as close as we got him.
 Ryan needs to make a wee...oh dear
 So I just let him wee right there hehe
 I am sure he will hate me one day for this.

 Our self takes.
Then it was time to go,so we had this idea that they must dunk themselves in the barrels of water just to get some of the mud off before they get in the car.Steven decided that his barrel was to empty so he climbed in with Josh.

2 boys in a barrel ,who would have thought that would be so fascinating.But they looked pretty cute in there.

Littel ryan doesn't look very happy to be leaving.
Josh decided he would open his gifts while the other kids were in the pool.Good move Josh ,now you got to open them in peace.

You liked this dog girft bag,You thought his bling on his neck was cool,I can't remember who you said it looked like to you.I think it might have been Justin Bieber.
You got this Birthday card from your 1 friend and I just thought it was to cute not to photograph.


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