Friday, March 25, 2011

Road trip 2 Cape Town part 5-The beach also the end of our last day.


And that was the end and then for our long trip home.And boy was it a long trip there was so many stop goes on the way home.

Oh I almost forgot one of the funniest parts of the trip.Which happened on the way to Cape Town.Jacky had phoned her friend at work and said that Josh wanted him to hear something and boy did he.Then he let off this massive arm fart.And we couldn't stop laughing.It must have sounded very convincing because Chad asked if that was a real one or an arm fart hehe.He is surprisingly good at it.Chad rated him a 9.5 and said he must do some more practicing hehe.
After that phone call Josh tried to teach us how to arm fart as well as he does and how we must place our mouths and so on.I wasn't very good at it,but I don't think the laughing was helping.Jacky and Oupa had a go at it to.
Here is a clip of some of his arm farts!


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