Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Splishing,Splashing and silly self takes...

While the kids were swimming yesterday ,i just sat with my feet in the pool watching them,then decided how about some photo's,why not?
Tayla loves this one.
Josh was being attacked,he didn't want Tayla to kiss him.

If only they were this sweet to each other all the time.I like this one.
Piggy back ride.
Check that hair
And then we tried many self takes....hehe some we didn't get ourselves in at all.

that was about as much kissing as i could get out of Joshua and i was cut off.But I liked the photo.

Then Josh wanted to be the photographer
Tayla decided we had to do silly faces.I think hers is better than mine.I thought it was pretty funny afterwards when we looked at the pics because we both had our legs you and toes curled.
MWWWAH!!Insert Kissing sound

Josh wanted to do silly faces.
Just check how cool he is people, please!
Joshua's self take
Ahh the joy of the self timer.
You guys and that putting fingers behind heads in photos.Who showed you that?
Ahh hugs
This one was more Joshua's style

Self timer boo boo!hehe
You are such a monkey


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