Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Road trip 2 Cape Town part 2-Table mountain

Sat 19 March-Table Mountain
Thank goodness for Jacky booking online we walked passed everyone like we were VIP'

Up we go

Also while in this shop a foreigner asked me if I would swap a R100 note for his 10 Euro because he needed it changed to get down the mountain.I have no idea what the exchange rate was but now I have a 10 euro note :)

View from the top.You feel on top of the world.You would think it would take longer to get to high up,but it is rather fast.They have also changed the cable cars they now rotate so you turn while in air to see all sides of you.

So the wrong time grant hehe

 Look what we found...

 Lion's head and far right is Robben Island(aka Robbers Island according to Josh)
 The little photographer taking a photo of his parents.

 My darn hair,now I look silly wish someone told me before 
 Tayla and Josh showing everyone where they are.
 Tayla and Josh found a indent in a rock that looked like a chair,so they sat in it.:)

 And made me sit in it to.

 Our car is down there somewhere

 Then i found this little guy ,like he was just waiting there for a photo op.

 Tayla got a bit tired I see.

 Then I found another little guy,I really didn't think they would just sit so still. 

 Now back down again,weeeeeee!

 Then the kids enjoyed the mist sprayers and the water fountain down below while we waited for the guys to go get our ride.

 Josh even decided he was getting to hot he wanted to wet his hair.
 And ended up with alot more than his hair wet hehe,but at least he was cool
then he fixed his hair-of course

 We just couldn't get them to stop with the water.


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