Friday, March 25, 2011

Road trip 2 Cape Town part 4-2 Oceans Aquarium

Sunday 20th March 

Our first stop was in Strand at the wait for it WIMPY we had to eat a decent breakfast because yesterday there was an issue with the lack of food at the correct time and well to say the least we were cranky because of it.I would have taken more photo's but I was very busy eating my breakfast.I only caught this one of Tayla taking avery large bite out of her burger.I don't know how she stays so skinny.
Next stop with the help of our GPS was at 2 Oceans Aquarium,When inside we each got our hand stamped with invisable ink that you can only see under a UV light which they had.I asked the lady if I could show Tayla because she didn't understand why nothing was on her hand.I think it is a very good idea that they have there and then you can come back into the Aquarium at a later time in the day again if you would like to.

And one of my favorite parts even from when I had been there before with Ruan had to be the "Nemo" tank.Oh and then also the frog area where I feel like I am on the set of the Honey I shrunk the kids!But I think one of my dad's favorite parts must have been the part where a man uses a very fancy microscope to show you very tiny things up on a tv screen.My dad likes that kind of thing and even has a microscope but he said he wished his one was that cool.

The out of water fish
Ah and some pretty sea horses.I love them.

Some large eels
Look how big it is compared to Joshua's hand.

Guys you are meant to be looking at the jelly fish not pulling faces at us on the other side.

Some starfish.

Some very creepy crabs
Tayla you are always hanging on your poor Oupa

Now that is a cubby starfish .It is kinda cute!
this on the other hand not so cute but Very scary.Looked like it was coming straight for me.AHHH!
Dad what is that?I am so glad they were asking Grant the difficult questions and not me.hehe

I love this photo.They looked so cool in the color lights in the tanks but it doesn't come out the same on the camera that is why I tried to video it.
The clips are noisy but I couldn't very well ask everyone there to be quiet and to say the least it was busy.

 We even got to touch some star fish how cool is that?
 then it was froggy time!!!

tyal kissing her frog I hope he turns into a prince for you one day!

the kids enjoyed a little frog puppet show.

 Planet earth's most dangerous predator.Which grant now informed us wasn't him because the flash had hid his face.haha Grant

 Tayla was so busy watching a shark clip on the screen above that she didn't want to look any further.
 That shark is coming for you Tayla

 Ohhh Josh you looked scared.the shark is coming for you.

 That is one pretty big shark

 Then on our way out we had some fun and games back at the "Nemo" tank

 AHHH Hold your breath dad!!!hehe good one

 oooh I'm under the sea

then it was off to the gift shop where the kids bought some badges saying they were at the aquarium and then we were off to our next place,first the seals in the harbour and then Canal Walk Mall YEAH!!!

Ahh the mall.We didn't stay long I wish we did but the rest were tired and the kids wanted to go to the beach.But I did get a handful of little goodies here :)


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