Friday, March 25, 2011

My birthday again

Well Cas and i seem to have made it our new thing to give each others birthday gifts and christmas gifts late.But in a way it is kinda cool.It is like having an extra birthday. Cas and i went to the movies to watch Dilema and then I got my gift to :)

I got some fun goodies-Cas had made a canvas for me,I got a Kaiser Craft item,a Hello kitty Pen and a chocolate from her overseas trip.

 I haven't eaten my chocolate yet,I don't know if I should hehe

 We think alike because I bought her a hello kitty pen for her birthday as well.I unfortunetly forgot it at home when I gave her gift I still need to give it to her.Rather late than never it is the thought that counts.


Cassandra said...

oh my word I cant believe u put those pics up coz I also put the canvas on mine:) U see, great minds do think alike:)I cant believe u have sooooo many posts its crazy! I need to get more jacked up:)
Love ya

Cassandra said...

oh PS: thats quite some artistic photos u have there:)

Just girl said...

Hehe what is so nice about my pics?I am not that good.You have some fancy ones.Ah cas my posts are mainly pics I don't have much to write about

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