Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Justin Bieber experience

Last night while watching Glee Tayla and Josh joined me and asked about what was happening and then they started singing JUSTIN BIEBER and the guys in the show called it the Justin Bieber experience and Well if you didn't know Justin is Joshua's idol he currently has a poster of him in his room.So Josh and Tayla were bopping and singing along to the show.Loving every second of it,you should have seen Josh's face his eyes glowed.And he asked"How does he get his hair so cool and to look just like Justin's and he dances very cool."Now the guy in Glee realy did look like Bieber but even better because he had blonde hair just like Josh.But I do agree with Josh this bieber was pretty hot on Glee.And was romantic that he sang the song for his girlfriend,I'd like it.
So this post is for you JOSH.
Spot the real Justin!


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