Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Grant you're 40!!!

Well yesterday was Grant's birthday ( I know there are alot of birthdays in our family at this time of year)so I got Josh and Tayls to each colour a birthday picture in for him,I am not sure if Grant is sentimental in that way to keep the pics but he is a dad so I am sure he like it because they had worked hard at it.
So some of the family came over to wish him and of course sing Happy Birthday hehe.So it was fun and we got to eat alot of cake.
 I am not sure if Grant would appreciate me putting him on my blog and saying he is 40 but to late now I guess.I'll say sorry later.

 Tayla was being silly and not letting me take a nice pic.
The birthday man and Tayla
 Ryan was realy enjoying his roll he had while the party was going on,can you tell?

And then came the singing and candles which is all the kiddies fav part.We first had the debate of do you blow out the candles first and then sing or sing and then blow out the candles?And we ask that everytimes and then we get so confused that we don't realy know.So which is it anyway??
Happy Birthday to you ,
Happy Birthday to you ,
Happy Birthday to Grant( or to Me as Grant said)
Happy Birthday to you!
Josh was going to count to 40 I think but then realised that 40 is alot of counting and gave up.hehe


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