Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grant's Offcamber camping Weekend-in his birthday week Part 1

Well for Grant's 40th Birthday jacky planned a Camp out at Offcamber.Which for some of us city slickers isn't an easy thing to do.But we went.So after helping set up all the tents and unpacking all the goods.We gathering started with some swimming which made the kiddies very happy :)Now let me explain the birthday week.When it was my dad's birthday last year Justin and Paul (Michael's brothers)decided that my dad wan't just having a birthday he was having a birthday week.And since then it has just stuck,the only problem is that is only seems to be the men in our family that get birthday weeks not the woman.

Nadine and little Lauren having a swim.

Ryan was having a blast swimming with his froggie on.And just check how trenty he is with his billabong cozzie.
Look at that angry little face,he didn't
want his photo taken anymore he was busy,busy swimming "tannie".

Lauren was also having a blast in the pool.Splishing and a splashing.
It seems all the kid's in the family are water babies or they were mermaids in a past life.
Chubby feet in the pool

Tessa driving Ryan's little car.

Sho Lauren that bottle looks abit big hay?But you look so cute holding it with your chubby little hands.

Yeah Tessa ,I got you to smile for the camera.
We discussed this on the weekend.How come we think these little fat rolls are cute when we are small and then when we get big they some how become not cute.I mean they have been part of us the whole time what changes,what makes it differant I wonder? :)
The "Big Ouch"Ryan had cut his foot in the pool and my every so over prepared O.T.T ( Over the Top-sometimes a good thing)Sister Chante had some cream and a plaster which Ryan is trying to show myself and Lauren.I think it is one of the cutest ouch's I've ever seen.How can it not look cute on the chubby foot.
Then it was off to the trampoline-"Jumpaleen" as Ryan says
lauren didn't realy like the hard work part of the jumping so she sits and everyone around her must jump so that she moves lol.Maybe that is how she got those cute chubby legs.
The little gang
Caitlin and Lauren
Then I tried to get Lauren to jump.Tarrin jumping in the background.

Some of the 4x4 trip.Or those of the photo's that are PG rated anyway.
It was funny to listen to the guys talk to each other on the walkie talkies from 1 car to the other because they left 1 by us girls.So when they were in range we could hear them.

Then some of the "Wolf pack"came back from the 4x4 drive.
Ok now "Wolf pack"is also a saying that the guys came up with,it originates from the movie "hangover"which they all enjoyed so much.So now when they drink,go fish or do anything they refer to themselves as the "Wolf pack."
Here they are all posing with big smiles on there face.Reason 1 being that they enjoyed the 4x4 trip
2 being because they can't stop laughing because Craig had just done something rude but hillarious which I don't think I can put on my blog,it would have to be rated.But lets just say this was the 2nd attempt at this group photo. 

Then Craig took the kid's on the obstacle course at the back.So he put all of them in the wheelbarrow and wheeled them along the first part.no wonder Craig is so thin,he never stops.The kid's struggled to stay in there,there was alot of giggling happening.And I thought it was funny that Craig said if anyone is going to fall,just give me a shout first,hehe.How are they meant to know before hand if they are about to fall.

Steven wanted another go at the walking across the beam.
Caitlin,Chelsea,Tayla,Tarrin and Josh
Go Steven ,you made it.
Then it was Lauren's turn to try the wheel burrow.But she was more interested in playing with whatever was in the wheelbarrow (I wont say,but those who were there will know)than smiling for the camera. Although she was probably tired of me snapping away all the time.

to cute not to put the clip in.I have no idea what she was trying to say though.

Then grant came and helped Tarrin get across.
Then to walk the plank.
Go Steven,Go Steven
Your turn Joshy.Craig had to help you a bit because you so light the pole barely moved.
Lauren's turn!She should have good grip with those new shoes of hers that she loves so much.Although I think your dad loves them just about as much as you Lauren.
oooh wobbly...
Now some major concentration.
Gotta get to that water...that Aunty Michelle has
Almost there
Now back again Mom
Just look at that face.
I just loved these pics,i am not sure why.I just like the way they came out.

Chubby Cheeks

Look at those beautiful eyes.

Tammy,Tessa,Jeremy,Michelle and my mom chilling ,While everyone is swimming.... again!

Chante,Ryan and Oupa(my dad) watch what the rest are up to.And Lauren and Nadine are coming in the back there for round 2 of swimming.

The Birthday boy,Sucking it all in for his blog photo,hehe
This is his more relaxed photo
Scott and Michael getting ready for their race.

Caitlin giving her dad a thumbs up
Tayla and Caitlin-I like this one
Go steve
Caitlin-I don't know how she smiles so well under water
Grant-going super fast with flippers on

Craig-freezing his butt off-because he gets to cold in a pool,he just doesn't have enough fat on him,I am willing to donate.
Craig how is it possible you look even thinner under water.

Tayla and Steven
Ohh I took this one -I like how this one came out

It is rather cute you can hear Chante cheering Michael and Lauren cheering Scott.
Rest rest of the gang have come to swim to.
Grants dangerous tricks.

Boys will be boys
Caitlin and chelsea
Tayla-looking very grand in her swimming gear.

I think this was Caitlin and Chelsea having a race that the men told them to do.There is so much splashing I can't tell.
Then Ryan put Steven's goggles on-he looked so cute.Little nutty professor.

Then mom let you have a shower,you liked that to.ahh look at the ring marks the goggles made on your face,hehe.
Then Sarah arrived and also came to swim,she realy enjoyed the water to.


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