Friday, March 4, 2011

Coming to you live from...under the Table

Playing Hide and seek with Ryan is rather funny because no one is looking for us.hehe
Last night at Grant's birthday get together Ryan sat on the floor and told me to sit with him and then he got this brain wave to go under the table and hide and making me do the same.(so my surprize no one even saw me go under there)and he was so cute saying shhhh Candy we hide away.I eventually whispered to Grant to Call Chante to come look for him(Grant couldn't figure out where the voice was coming from ,until I said hay down here)So Chante came to look for us and Ryan is the worst person to hide with because when the person looking says where can Ryan be now Hmmm,while pretending to look ,he shout I'm here!And then he giggles to me under the table and says shhh.But he was so excited when his mom did find him lol.Then he even made Jacky come look for us again saying I'm here!Silly nana.But it was cute.He later also was trying to get his dad to move and come hide with us,shame.

 Look at that cutie pie


It is very dark ,since it is from under the table,and you got listen closely because the men are talking so loud,but he says shhh tanny(candy)
 And then Shhh Tanny we hiding away
This would be so much easier to record if he wasn't whispering hehe,but he is hiding i guess.

Here he is asking dad to come sit with him.
It is such a pity that the clips are so dark because he looked so cute and it seemed lighter on my camera.But still cute to hear.And also a pity that I took them this way because now the clip is actually sideways,my bad.


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