Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday madness!

Ok I know there are just way to many birthdays in our family at this time of year,but next was ...ME!
It all started with being woken up early by the peeps in the house singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY with a cupcake with 1 candle in it!(boy if only I was 1 life was so easy)I think it is more for the kids I love watching their faces when they came in singing it is like they are more excited about it than the person having the birthday.
I later got informed that there was a long discussion over which gift Josh and Tayla wanted to give me and he kept changing his mind as to which he wanted to give.But when I opened my gift from him he said,Ah mom why didn't you buy me one like that! hehe.It was a bling "C" key chain.He wants one for his name,he makes me laugh.I didn't even think he would think that is cool.

excuse what I look like ,sho not a morning person I see.
Joshua's gift
My Hello Kitty loofah and shower gel.

My pretty gift that was waiting for me on my desk when I got to work...:) was very exciting
my gift from Shaine,Caroline,Keano and Damian
Was yummy I have eaten some of my chocies already hehe
My morning Cupcake :)
Yeah Glee I got the box set of the full first season!From mom and dad
And then Yes this is awesome.The underwater camera cover.Cool I know hay.I saw a different colour one so might just go swap it.yes it doesn't make a difference but I like the other colour hehe.This was from Chante,Michael,Steven and Ryan
my awesomely pink towel I got from te them also.It cool with my name on right?
I think Te and Jacky are expecting me to bake what do you think?
And my fox top from Ruan with some Lindt and nougat
Then as last minute decision I got some cupcakes for the guys at work.They said it was to pretty to eat.And it realy made them all smile,they love getting cake.

And then Jacky and I went to Bliss to have our toes done.  :)
I love how it looks everything is so me -all PINK!!!
And to my "bliss"when they did my Pedi they put pink bubble bath in the water ,imagine my smile.
Pity I didn't get a pic of that.
Zo who really hated that I was taking photos hehe. But thanx Zo I enjoyed my Pedi
Jax was having her toes done at the same time.She had a deluxe pedi and i had a deluxe pedi and a parrafin wax.

Jacky chose a purple colour for her toes

And of course I chose wait for it ,wait for it ......PINK

Did you enjoy it Jax?

Then the evening happenings-we went to St Elmo's for my birthday.The food was well....Yummy!
I should have taken more photo's of everyone that came but I think I was to busy eating.
Then we hit a small glitch that Tessa and Ryan both wanted to hold Chelsea's right hand at the same time.So Tessa ended up in tears whaling because she wants to hold that hand.Shame.Then Chelsea tried to convince Ryan but he said I wanna hold this hand.

Hay Damian -in the back there.

After the hand problem hehe,she still isn't that happy.

Then Ryan sand twinkle twinkle for me :)
Te tries to get ryan to sing Happy birthday to me,but he was being funny.He sang it much better in the morning when they phoned me.
then he sang Jesus loves me.It was so cute ,it is a pity everyone else was making such a noise.


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