Monday, February 7, 2011

Thing or places I'd like to see -6

China- The great wall of China

I think it must be so beautiful to see,I dont know how I would feel about having to walk all the way up it if that is what tourists do but still beautiful non the less.I am also sure there are many more great things to see in China that I have't even heard of.But my worry with going overseas but even more so with China is the food.I am a fussy eater as it is and to be in a country where they wont understand me and where I wont know what the food is made of Scares me way to much.But I am sure I would find alot of Hello Kitty things which would make me smile:) not to mention I think the street markets should have alot of nice things.But I think is someone goes to China you need a guide because of the language.


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