Monday, February 21, 2011

Completely Childish ...But fun

 Well I enjoy Mc Donalds occasionally one of my favs would be their fries.Sometimes i even have 
Mc Donalds just so I can get the gift or toys.Happy Meal here I come.

 Cassandra and I and I even think Duan as well collected these colourful glasses.I think I got them all except 1 colour.Of course the pink 1 was my fav didn't actually ahve to collect further than that.But Cassandra and I had gone every friday for about 5 weeks so we could get these glasses.So we knew what we were eating for lunch fridays.
At the moment they have the Tom and Jerry toys with the Happy meals.And well I couldn't miss out on getting the Tom and Jerry stamp for toast.It is to cute you press the picture into the bread and then toast it.:)
I also have the juicer and the little lunch box but I am not that bothered about those I realy just wanted the stamp.The little roller is also pretty cute.The sad part is this isnt the first time I have done this I have also done this at KFC when they had the hello kitty promo.I got the toweling sweat band and water bottle.


Jessamine said...

i have a couple of those glasses... and the Shrek toys... lol!

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