Friday, February 4, 2011

Number 1-Well HELLO Kitty

The start of my list of things I would like to buy myself:(in no specific order,some I might not ever buy but nice to have a wish list to work towards)May be I will by myself a to me birthday prezzie now in March.
  1. Hello Kitty Docking Station
Well if you didn't know already I love Hello Kitty I think it might have something to do with the fact that most hello kitty things are pink but I am not sure.Well there is an awesome hello kitty ipod docking station.And well I do confess I dont listen to my ipod enough sometimes hardly ever.But it is so cute and just imagine how cute my little pink ipod would look in it hehe.I will think about it though before I buy one.But now problem number 2 is I have seen the white one and while on google looking for a pic to post here on my blog I saw they have a black one which is also pretty cool,now watch us not get the black one here.Which one is cuter???Hmmm


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