Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Love U

 I would totally buy this for my kid one day.Because I know my sisters would love it as much as me.
I think I need one of these shirts!

Well last night the conversation around the table got to a point of that mom and dad will die one day( I think it was that they have to eat their food and get big and strong because mom and dad wont always be around)so Tayla in a shocked high pitched voice said WHAT!And Josh and Tayla continued by asking and what about Candice will she still be here?It just made me smile because I was the next person they thought of if mom and dad weren't there.Maybe I am not just the stricked aunt after all.I told them that one day I would also die but that I am abit younger than mom and dad so I will hopefully be around abit longer.Later on Tayla was thinking what to draw ,so I said she should try draw a My little pony from her book.So later she creeped into the Tv room and said she had something for me she had drawn the pony for me and wanted me to keep it.Isn't she sweet?


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