Monday, February 7, 2011

Thing or places I'd like to see -7

Warning these will all be kinda Cheesy!But Fun Madame Tussauds i think will be alot of fun.I would enjoy posing for pictures with the was figures of all my favourite stars anything from Lady Gaga to Elvis and Princess Diana.Can't even think who all I would like to have pictures with.I think when I first get there I would be slightly freaked out expecially after seeing the movie House of wax but it will be worth it.

The walk of fame on Hollywood Boulevard to see the stars on the side walk and the handprints.Ah and take pictures like most tourists with my hands in the acters handprints to see if they fit.I would also want to see where some of the movies and tv shows are filmed.For these places I think you need to have the right person with you,that wont mind doing also these silly things and must also be kinda into it.I think it can be fun,it isn't something you would do again.

The Famous Hollywood Sign-It is right up there on the cheesy meter but If I got to go near there I would want to see it hehe

The San Fransisco Bridge-also corny and not much to see but then the next time that Red bridge apears in a movie I can say I was there I saw that.

America-New York-The Statue of Liberty

I Know it is a typical tourist thing to want to go see.But I would want to get one of those cheesy statue of liberty hats to pose in a picture with.All for fun.


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