Monday, February 7, 2011

Milkylane :)

Excuse the photo quality they were taken with my phones camera and it blurs with the slightest movement.
Grant's takeaway!I think this is an awesome takeaway container so Bite me!
Cuteness!!!If only they were always as good and sweet as they look in a still shot picture hehe.
The little Gang
Tayla posing with her marshmellow in her cheek (Cheek is one of your Phonics words for todays homework by the way Tayla)
Ryan sometimes you are just to cute for words.
Josh smiling while doing crazy eyes.I wonder if this is how he see's his mom when she does the crazy eyes?Except her crazy eyes are realy scary because she does them when she is angry and then I think the kids and aaa sometimes Grant know they shouldn't mess with jax now.I told Jacky they realy are scary hehe and she laughed.
Josh and Steven-the second I came with the camera they moved to do this pose,they realy know what they want.And they just think they so
Just the main guys hay?
Tayla and Ryan giving me smiles
Steven sipping on his blue bubblegum milkshake
Jacky eating her plain waffle,very pleased with herself about her new necklace and her cool white watch purchase she had just made.You can tell she liked them because she had them both on before we even left the store.
Chant'e with her perfect pose.You should have seen the face she pulled before this one hehe.I would have put a pic on but I laughed to much when she did it that I didn't get a pic and I think she would hate me for that.But you can often Catch Te doing funny things.

Michael ( chante's Hubby) enjoying a nutty waffle


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