Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swimming lesson

Well the kids go for swimming lessons every friday at Profile's Gym,so I thought that this time I would take some pics of them having fun.
 Steven -Looking like a pro swimmer with all his gear on
 Josh and Steve to happy to be swimming,you can never get them out.
 He will hate me for this one day but look at that cute little Butt in that speedo.
 Go Josh
 hay Ryan!I am sure he would rather be swimming with the "chuthers" but you'd never get him out.He would just tell you Ryan swimming.
  A nice pic of mom and son.To happy to pose with his mom.
 Josh and his teacher.Kick ,Kick!
 Tayla getting ready for her lesson.Except all you kids swim so much before your lesson that you are so pooped when it gets to your turn.tisk,tisk!!
 Tayla waving at me from below.Hellooo Tayla
 Dive Josh,Go boy

 Look at this cutie Smilling at me from under the water.With his new swimming goggels on.
 Josh giving me a thumbs up
 Tayla doing her back stroke
And of course none of the kids wanted to leave.But Steven had is traditional swim across the adult pool before he left.Apparently you hear the music that is on the speaker system while under water that must be pretty cool,not that the kids would even bother.I'd like to hear,not to mention the water seems nice and warm,no wonder they never want to get out,I think Jacky should heat her pool,she would also swim more then.It doesn't have to be heated all the time hehe.


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