Monday, February 21, 2011

Some oldies from my phone

These are mainly of Tayla and josh because these were taken when I used to fetch them from school.

Tayla when she went through her I want to look like Aunty Candy and Barbie with long hair.We actually got her this fake hair to clip on her pony tail.She loved it.
Look how proud she looks.

Enjoying a Yummy ice-cream.Ahh look at Joshie.hehe

 Tayla wearing her nurse hat she made at school

Wow look at that pose.I think Ouma taught you that pose.
 Little model.

 Tayla look how you wanted to wear you aliceband hehe.
Showing off your cute bracelet I made you ,I don't think you have it anymore.But here is the proof.
 You rather liked your bracelet.

Josh doing the Crazy eyes-you must get that from mom.
 Showing off that he lost his first tooth.
Tayla and I doo believe that is Steven being the blur at the back there.
Tayla and her "Yabbit'a very long time ago"
Josh and Tayla enjoying the ice-creams I bought for them after fetching them from school.Strangly enough Josh still likes these orange ice-creams ,but Tayla she would rather have anything Chocolate.Look how cute they look,they have changed so much.
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