Monday, February 21, 2011

SAMREC-Penguin Fun

Well when we got there we waited for chante to arrive(always waiting for Te)anyway so when they got there Ryan jumped out the bakkie and started to run toward me ,ran right past Jacky and everyone else.So I bent down and he put his little chubby arms around my kneck and jumped up.I got a big fat hug and a wet kiss.I was so surprised I asked did you miss me or what.And he responded with "ja missed you".Ryan is just like that some times he realy likes you and sometimes he is into someone else for the day .So it is nice when you get to be the flavour for the day.

 Wow look guys was all you heard the kids say.
Ahh it looks like the penguins are kissing
 all sitting together to watch

Ryan that Penguin is as big as you.
When you get inside there is a tiny mice hole in the wall which is so cute it has to get mentioned it was the cutest part about SAMREC.And I will do a special post all about it ,I am just waiting for my photos i took of that with grants Camera.So look out for it.


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