Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini Photoshoot=Adorable

Tessa and Ryan were looking so cute playing in the toy room together that I just had to go do a mini photoshoot of them.Of course they didn't want to co-operate with me,but I got a few cute pics.Ryan eventually did what I had wanted them to do,I think it was because when he said no I moved on to see if tessa would do it,Maybe he got jealous lol.

Both seem to love horses which strangly has also always been Tayla's favourite.Thus the crate full of differant horses.Although I don't think she new they had all of her horses out to play with .Shame don't think she would have been to impressed.It is tough to share ,this even I know.But As Josh used to say Sharing is Caring!Which now that he is older we have to remind him about .Ag but all the cousies love each other (all the chuthers)


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