Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life as we know it.....Will never be the same again

Here is the trailer!!

One of my favourite parts ,when they share this moment of her walking for the first time(and she has those cute pink takkies on that I posted earlier on my blog <3.Well technically not the very first attempt at it,because the first time she tried to walk he pushed her over because he was trying to stall her so that Katherines character could come see her walk to.Sweet that he didn't want her to miss it.
I love Katherine Heigl movies even her earlier one's like "My father the hero" and her tv show "Roswell"is one of my favs and I have the box sets.Josh is also pretty nice to look at...
Such a cool movie ,but also sad that the baby looses her parents,but so nice that she will still be so loved.I am such a softy even when it comes to movies.
I loved this picture,this was their first family picture they hang on the wall when they moved in.Except their copy was in black and white.And what is sweet is that the baby's parents had taken the photo of them at her 1st birthday.
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