Monday, February 7, 2011

HOwdy Partners

Ryan's Toy Story (2nd) Birthday on the 9 October 2010 at African Sky!All the kiddies and some of the biggies dressed up as cowboy's just like Woody in Toy Story. Ryan on the BIG Tractor.

Tessa ,Chelsea and Tammy
Tessi bear and her Mom

Giving me the LOOK
I just love this picture I am not sure why.She justs looks so cute and I caught that innocent moment.
Tayla -she loves horses so for her this was great fun.At least now she can say horses properly she used to struggle so,but it was so cute-horthes
Mommy and Ryan

Me -being a cowgirl.The things I do 4 my siblings and nieces and nephews.And this isn't the first time either,I recall a fairy outfit.But that is another story which maybe I will share at a later stage.
Micahel,Chante and the Birthday boy.

Tayla,Chelsea,Tammy and Tessa with their party boxes.
Jarryd (Micaela's sister)Steven and Ryan's cousin

Micaela-Steven and Ryan's cousin.

Tayla getting her party on


Hope you made a good wish boy!

Tammy and Tessa

Giddy up!!!

The Yummy Toy Story Cake

Little smarty pants showing us that he is 2 years oldSteven,Damian and Josh being very tough Cowboys

Ryan looked so cute in his Toy Story Shirt,pulling little faces.

Hee HAA Buddy,away!!!!
Which is one of your fav things to say.


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