Friday, February 4, 2011


I love some of these cute things for Valentines day from Woolworths
Some Love Quotes.... just for valentines coming up

I just found this and at first I thought it ws so sweet and sad abit and now I am just confused by it.

You know you love somebody when you know you want them to be happy even if their happiness means that you are not part of it.Anonymous.

And then I kept reading what was posted with it....which was

What is love?Love is a feeling of affection toward someone or something.We can love our comfy bathrobe,God,humanity,our grandmother.All true love is wonderful,but lets focus on the felling of love by 1 specific person.Even so our love for our spouse is very differant from our love for our child.our perant or our friend.

Real love is never a selfish emotion,if you want something from someone especially if the something is sex-what you are feeling is not love.The quote above provides an infallible test for love.True love is about wanting happiness for the person you love and not about seeking happiness for yourself.Fortunetly in most cases our own loving pressence is the greatest gift we can give the person we love.Nonetheless, the litmus test for love is knowing we would choose never to see that person again if we believed that distance would bring them greater happiness.

Love does no claim possession but gives freedom.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched,they must be felt with the heart.Helen keller

The magic words for a relationship are"I love you just the way you are"Jonathan lockwood Huie


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