Monday, February 21, 2011

Beach Bums

 My Pretty Roxy Cap that I got from Ruan for Christmas
Jacky and Josh looking for fish to catch
Tayla having a go at this catching fish thing.
She wasn't very successful(she wasn't the only one either,Josh gave up)so Anyway Josh didn't want my help so I set off to help Steven and Tayla but Steven went off with Josh.So Tayla and Ryan were left (then Ryan also left)so any way I did catch a biggish fish but in the process I had gotten my ass wet which I later had to sit all wet like that.Also (sad)I had dropped my cellphone in a small puddle of water(not deep)and well pulled it out super quick and I think most water was soaked up by my phone sock.And the phone still works... for now.Maybe the actual phone didn't get to wet because it wasn't alot of water.But I was still realy upset.
But on a good note Tayla was realy impressed with her fish.
Steven catching some fish.

Ryan and his Oupa.He has fell earlier on and so when the sea water touched his cut it burnt thus the little lip hanging like that shame. Oupa had to help,I also tried to kiss it better.

Ahh shame this would have been a cute pic if my phones camera wasn't so slow.But  you were also in abit of pain.Poor thing.Ah mom and that hat pushes his ears funny.hehe


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