Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tea party Ryan Style

We decided to have a little picnic tea party.But we had to improvise with some of the tea party items because Ryan didn't have a tea set there,it would have looked much cuter if he did.
We had a towel as our picnic blanket,some tot glasses as our tea cups and a glass as the tea pot and a flower from the garden for decoration .It all didn't look like the real items but it kept Ryan busy and entertained all I can say is thank goodness I didn't really have to drink what we made.We gave him milk,cold water and sugar which he poured water into so it became would you like 1 lump or 2 instead of how many spoons of sugar would  you like?
But he asked us so cutely what we wanted in our so called tea.It made a big mess but it made him very happy.
 Not a very girly tea party is it hehe,he is a boy after all.

 Ahh and look how you sit with your legs all folded back with your cool blue socks as you would say.
 And it was so funny because after he poured our so called tea he lifted his glass and said cheers.So we clinked our glasses and I so poured mine out on the grass while he wasn't looking.
 Then we just poured it all back into the big glass and let you add sugar and pour again and again.Making a mess is fun i see.

 It was funny to see Ryan concentrate so hard on something adults find so simple.It was cute.

 If that smile is anything to judge it by I think our Tea Party was a success!

 And this is what it looked like afterwards.Insert horror story sound here.


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