Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cute as a button

You were loving my bangles and wanted them all the time even though they were to big for you.
And well I don't think my bangles ever looked so cute before.

Ah Lauren I love your T-shirt.Yes I'm cute please don't stare hehe.

You had me running around chasing the other kids luckily Josh was kind enough to let us catch him because man they run fast. I think Josh just wanted you to win because he thinks you are cute.
Josh was being so nice to you he kept telling me "Lauren is so cute man" and that "her hair is so pretty and soft" and then he would call you in a soft voice to chase him,of course I was doing all the running with you in my arms because you didn't want to get down but still. :)
Then you decided you wanted to sit on Joshua's lap and well he didn't mind so you guys sat together watching a movie.You are almost as big as him.
It was so cute because Joshua even had his arm around you so you didn't fall off the chair.
And well all of us were sitting behind you guys giggling and smiling because we thought this was so adorable.

Well you both have Matthews feet hehe but they cute.
Josh then decided he was done watching a movie and wanted to go play.Lauren of course wasn't impressed because she was getting sleepy and was enjoying sitting with Josh so he said"Ja but she can come with me I don't mind if she follows me" Now who would have thought Josh would say that.

I like this pic it is a pity it came out a bit blur I think I had the camera on the wrong setting.Darn


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