Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crazy Spaghetti

I couldn't resist buying this when I saw it.....Winnie the pooh  and Mr Men shaped spaghetti in a tin.
I thought this was a real interesting find it isn't everyday that you see this.

 My dad asked me did I buy it for the kids.My reply was No psshhh It's for me of course.I mean I had to blog it.There was other shapes to I think if I remember correctly there was Scooby Doo and Disney Princess's Thomas the train and even Dora the explorer spaghetti but I had to limit myself to only 2
 When I opened the tin Tayla was adventurous enough to try a piglet and a few other characters but Josh said he didn't want to try.Tayla said they tasted rather yummy,I must say they weren't bad but I wish they were Koo spaghetti as I do enjoy their sauce more than this one.I wont buy it again but it was totally worth it.

I then after discovered that there is Alphabetti and even numberetti made by Heinz now who would have thought.I had heard of alphabet soup but hadn't seen that in years.


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