Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girls night out Movie

We decided we would go to the girls night out movie any excuse to go watch a chick flick hehe.

So Jacky and I went to munch to eat first and then we met up with Cassandra for the movie, got our popcorn and watched a VERY cute movie called-"No Strings attached"
Some of the funniest scenes in the movie were as follows: the naked on the couch scene ,the scene were he gave her a bunch of carrots and of course the Period mix.
 I couldn't resist putting this one on hehe

 Congrats for having sex with me balloon that was so funny

Here is the list of songs he put on her period mix:(don't know that song click on the song and it will take you to youtube and you can hear it)

i so enjoyed watching the movie I had a good laugh and it was actually rather romantic and I mean we got to see Ashton pretty much naked :) what is not to like.We also had a bit of a laugh before the movie when the guys were handing out the prizes and free gifts and some ladies got what did he call it oh yes "personal lubricant" haha that was hillerious!So cas and Jax we will have to see what the next Girls night movie is.


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