Thursday, April 28, 2011

Knight in "shining" armour-Sword fighting

My Little Knight.He pulled his sword out the ground like in that story of Excalibur being pulled out of the stone.
 Ryan was doing some sword fighting with his mom.He had wanted me to play but I was still recovering from our last sword fight where I got knocked on the side of my face by my eye.
 And the funniest part was when he had to die .He had then Told Chante to get him a towel to die on because he didn't like landing on the grass have you ever heard of something as funny as that.
 He played dead really well to.He didn't move at all and every time he died he would land differently,other kids would just lay down.

 Oh dear and another death.
 Look at that little face being all mean.
 On guard mommy
 Ahh she got you again.Give him a chance Te!

Then our knight had a change of hair do.Look how sexy...
 And then you had the curl
 Oh Alfalfa!Except normally you really are Alfalfa when your hair only stands up at the back but you don't seem to like being called that.
 Ohhh mommy's turn.It doesn't really work with her hair does it hehe
 Then you tried doing yours again.So cute watching you put your little hands together to try make your hair stand up!Wonder if you will wear your hair spiked up when you are older?


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