Monday, December 5, 2011

Loving the festive season!!

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Christmas is my favourite time of year,by far...
All the family is together celerating something truely special.And to see the kids faces light up when they see santa and when they open their gifts.I like to put alot of thought into my christmas gifts ,so I often find it takes me longer to finish my shopping.I am so glad I seem to be slightly ahead this year.I have all the kids gifts and just have a few more people to buy for.

Also what makes this years Christmas even more special is that it is my first Christmas in my own place and also my first with my loving boyfriend.It was right up my alley to go shopping for my very own tree and trimmings.And of course it had to have my absolute favourite me to you bear trimmings.

I already was given 2 of them as gifts last year so was glad to see the Christmas shop had more of them this year for me to collect.And next year I plan to collect some more if they get in some new ones. :)

And then I have to mention the best invention ever and a total must have THE WRAPPING PAPER CUTTER!!!There was no more hacking at the wrapping paper it made wrapping my gifts a breese.
I love it...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mini David Beckham in the making...

Joshua recently started Soccer and after only 2 lessons they had a match.
Our little number 18 was all over that ball and when ever he had the chance to go for the ball he would take to long to kick and someone would steal it away.But it was very cute to watch while we screamed from the side lines.

 Go Josh!

 Then the shacking of the winning teams hands.If I am correct Joshua's team lost 1:4

 His littel cheeks were all red from running around such a lot.
 Ryan decided he liked this soccer thing and also had a go at it.
 Go Ryan you can do it!!
 Since Joshua's first match he has played another 2 games and he played then both in one day ,shame he was so tired after.His team actually played realy well ,they were all chasing that ball and blocking those goals hehe and we were all screaming like crazy people on the side but the the 2nd half they were running against the wind and I think they were just to tired.So we lost that first game shame.
Then they had a break and then it was time for the 2nd game drum roll please.
We were screaming go Cameron,Go Blaine,Go Josh,Go Timothy ,Go Damian ,Go Ashley every name we could remember we screamed it.Never the less they didn't win but they didn't loose either that one was a tie.
So well done guys!

Before the match I had asked Josh if he heard us screaming at his very first match and he said no ,but we mustn't scream to load.So I asked why?And he said because you will embarrass yourself. Hehe!
Well so I guess after all that screaming I might have embarrassed myself according To Joshua but I promise that I wasn't the only one.:)

Happy Mother's Day

This year for Mother's day we decided to do a breakfast.So we all went to mom's house and all the guys (all the dad's)made the breakie on the skottel and it was very yummy.We had a selection of yoghurt and muesli and some fresh fruits, Malba toast with differant cheeses,croissants, mini chocolate muffins, Bacon ,Egg ,sausages ,toast ,mushrooms,onions and fried tomatoe.I sadly wasn't very good with the camera as I didn't get any pictures of any of the mom's but I got of the table setting.:(
But never the Less Happy Mother's Day Mom and to my sisters and sister in laws and while I am at it to all the Mom's hope you all had a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Royal Obsession

On the 29th of April 2011 the Royal wedding of William and Kate.
Luckily I work for my parents and my father was kind enough to allow me to stay at home to watch true love (the wedding)My mother,Jacky,Chante,myself and the kiddies all sat around waiting for the fantasy to begin.We had some cucumber sarmies,non -alcoholic champers and strangely enough some easter eggs.And we counted it down 5,4,3,2,1 ahhhh
The gorgeous couple and her gorgeous engagement ring which was Princess Diana's.
It was said that after their mother's passing they each got to choose something of their mother's to keep and William took her cartier watch and Harry took his mother's engagement ring.I think it is sweet that Harry loves Kate enough to give it to his brother to ask her to marry him.Harry said he always wanted a sister.
 Isn't it amazing that people all over the world waited and watched to see her dress and their wedding,I can't imagine how it must feel to be that important.
I wonder if Kate and William were nerves before hand?
I loved Kate's sister Philippa's dress.
Ahhh how handsome they look.

I think I have a royal obsession,ever since the Royal wedding it is all I can think about.
It was all just so lovely and like a true fairytale.
I loved everything from the dresses to the carriage ride the famous kiss on the balcony the only thing I didn't like was that we didn't get to see the reception and the after party and of course that I wasn't there hehe.I do suppose they would like some privacy but I would so have loved to see what it all looked like and to have heard the speeches and see the first dance.I have read many articles that say Prince Harry was very funny in his speech  and mocking his brother because of his hair lose and that now Kate has married a bald man.Also read that he referred to them as the dude and dutches now who wouldn't have wanted to be there to hear all that?Imagine the whole thing was televised how awesome would that be?

Look at how happy they are and how they look at each other.Ahhhh

It was also said that Prince harry gave the little flower girl on the left a tiny worm toy which he had in his pocket and took out to cheer the kids up when they were scared of the loud cheers of the crowds before they had to step onto the balcony.I would love to know all the jokes Harry had on this day he seems so naughty like he always is up to something.
I just think that Princess Kate looked stunning in her dress and she had a very handsome Prince in uniform waiting for her down the isle.(ps:guy in uniform is very hot hehe)I would love to know what it was that Harry said to William when he turned and saw Kate walking down the isle.And I know William said "you look beautiful" to his bride when she got down the isle but what was the second thing he said.I just thought it was so sweet how they would steal quick looks at each other in the church.
I just think everything about their whole relationship is a fairytale ,I mean what girl wouldn't want to marry her prince. :)
I think her cake is stunning and it was said that she designed it and told them exactly what she wanted and William had his own cake a traditional chocolate biscuit cake I wonder what his looked like.

The traditional Balcony kiss-Kate's face was priceless when she stepped out onto the balcony and saw the sea of people.I think her words were"Oh my gosh"or something like that my lip reading is not that great hehe.
Ahh the kiss was so cute.You could see him ask her "should we kiss?"and they gave a quick kiss and then later on he said "should we give them another kiss?"I thought it was so cute how he asked and then they would just kiss quickly and after he would give a little blush.He always has been shy like his mother.

I also thought it was so cute that when they were leaving the balcony that Kate turned to have one more look at everyone.

 I thought it was really cute that Prince William still got to drive his bride to the next venue in the wedding car and that they had decorated it with cute balloons and a just wed number plate.

This marriage looked like true love and a match made in heaven I think this royal marriage will last.

And they live happily ever after!
The End

Then for the reception she wore another stunning dress ,similar design to her wedding dress and William wore a black tux very James bond.The reception was followed by a few minutes of fireworks.Kate and William must have felt so special with that whole day dedicated to them.Weddings here are normally over in a few hours and then the brides special feeling is gone.I wonder if she is enjoying being a princess .Every girls dream.

and of course after that was Harry's wedding party that carried on until the early morning,now that party I would also have loved to see.
You see now if I was royal or famous I would have been invited darnit.

Hopping mad Easter Fun

The Easter bunny left us some poops (jelly bean poops inspired by the movie HOP)and some foot prints.
He even pooped on Ouma's car oh my goodness.The kids had a good laugh at that.

The bunny hole!!!So that's how he got in the yard!

Steven and Ryans treats that the bunny hid away.

Tristan's stash
And the hunt begins...
Ryan was first to pick up some poops(jelly beans)
Then Oupa showed him that he would eat a poop.Just look at Steven's face,I can just imagine he was thinking oh my word he is realy ganna eat it.
 Steven then had a good laugh that Oupa had in fact eaten it and vowed that he would not be eating any poops when we all decided we would try one.All pretending of course to be to scared to eat it.hehe
 They thought it was rather funny that the bunny had hid some things on Ouma's car. 

 I found a big one!!!
 Ryan took alot of time to collect all the poops that the bunny had left hehe it was very cute.
 Wait I found some more

 Ahhh you kissing your easter bunny chocolate.:)
 The yummy stash and the bunnies carrot

 Joshua's Stash and Tayla collecting her stash which the easter bunny had dropped off at his house.
And this was my yummy treat from the easter bunny. :)

It was so cute after we all came back from Sundays River and we were at Jacky's house all the kids went into Tayla's room closed the door and you could hear them pretending to be easter bunnies working in a factory making easter eggs for all the boys and girls just like in the movie hop.
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