Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mini David Beckham in the making...

Joshua recently started Soccer and after only 2 lessons they had a match.
Our little number 18 was all over that ball and when ever he had the chance to go for the ball he would take to long to kick and someone would steal it away.But it was very cute to watch while we screamed from the side lines.

 Go Josh!

 Then the shacking of the winning teams hands.If I am correct Joshua's team lost 1:4

 His littel cheeks were all red from running around such a lot.
 Ryan decided he liked this soccer thing and also had a go at it.
 Go Ryan you can do it!!
 Since Joshua's first match he has played another 2 games and he played then both in one day ,shame he was so tired after.His team actually played realy well ,they were all chasing that ball and blocking those goals hehe and we were all screaming like crazy people on the side but the the 2nd half they were running against the wind and I think they were just to tired.So we lost that first game shame.
Then they had a break and then it was time for the 2nd game drum roll please.
We were screaming go Cameron,Go Blaine,Go Josh,Go Timothy ,Go Damian ,Go Ashley every name we could remember we screamed it.Never the less they didn't win but they didn't loose either that one was a tie.
So well done guys!

Before the match I had asked Josh if he heard us screaming at his very first match and he said no ,but we mustn't scream to load.So I asked why?And he said because you will embarrass yourself. Hehe!
Well so I guess after all that screaming I might have embarrassed myself according To Joshua but I promise that I wasn't the only one.:)


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