Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hopping mad Easter Fun

The Easter bunny left us some poops (jelly bean poops inspired by the movie HOP)and some foot prints.
He even pooped on Ouma's car oh my goodness.The kids had a good laugh at that.

The bunny hole!!!So that's how he got in the yard!

Steven and Ryans treats that the bunny hid away.

Tristan's stash
And the hunt begins...
Ryan was first to pick up some poops(jelly beans)
Then Oupa showed him that he would eat a poop.Just look at Steven's face,I can just imagine he was thinking oh my word he is realy ganna eat it.
 Steven then had a good laugh that Oupa had in fact eaten it and vowed that he would not be eating any poops when we all decided we would try one.All pretending of course to be to scared to eat it.hehe
 They thought it was rather funny that the bunny had hid some things on Ouma's car. 

 I found a big one!!!
 Ryan took alot of time to collect all the poops that the bunny had left hehe it was very cute.
 Wait I found some more

 Ahhh you kissing your easter bunny chocolate.:)
 The yummy stash and the bunnies carrot

 Joshua's Stash and Tayla collecting her stash which the easter bunny had dropped off at his house.
And this was my yummy treat from the easter bunny. :)

It was so cute after we all came back from Sundays River and we were at Jacky's house all the kids went into Tayla's room closed the door and you could hear them pretending to be easter bunnies working in a factory making easter eggs for all the boys and girls just like in the movie hop.


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