Monday, December 5, 2011

Loving the festive season!!

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Christmas is my favourite time of year,by far...
All the family is together celerating something truely special.And to see the kids faces light up when they see santa and when they open their gifts.I like to put alot of thought into my christmas gifts ,so I often find it takes me longer to finish my shopping.I am so glad I seem to be slightly ahead this year.I have all the kids gifts and just have a few more people to buy for.

Also what makes this years Christmas even more special is that it is my first Christmas in my own place and also my first with my loving boyfriend.It was right up my alley to go shopping for my very own tree and trimmings.And of course it had to have my absolute favourite me to you bear trimmings.

I already was given 2 of them as gifts last year so was glad to see the Christmas shop had more of them this year for me to collect.And next year I plan to collect some more if they get in some new ones. :)

And then I have to mention the best invention ever and a total must have THE WRAPPING PAPER CUTTER!!!There was no more hacking at the wrapping paper it made wrapping my gifts a breese.
I love it...
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