Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is how I feel

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 This post was just for fun,I just really liked the bright colors.
These are my new pretty's that Ryan thinks is awesome just by the way.And Joshua has tried to take a few of them from me because he would like to have them,so my taste can't be that bad.

Back to the time of Knights and Princesses

 It was so pretty here by the water I had to take a picture.

 Go Damian he was the first to get all dressed up like a great knight.He has already informed his dad that he wants him to make a shield for him to wear with his outfit next year.So here is Knight Damian of Courcelles Village.
 Just loved this sign,It made me think of Harry Potter
 Next was Tayla and Josh they went and chose their outfits and became Knight Joshua and Princess Tayla of Rolsten
 Josh you look like a little Robin Hood even someone that walked passed said so hehe
Oh and Grant was a bad boy so we captured him.
 Then Knight Steven of Bernice castle
 And a dual
 look at that face

 Then the dunking of the wench's
 innocent she screams
 Then to bash the castle wall down

 Come on 
 then for a ride on his royal stead.
 The knights in front of their castle
 Raise your swords I say .All for one and One for all!

 Oh what nice princess's you make
 Heave Ho!!

All in all it was a lovely day I ate so much food ,I really did enjoy those pancakes though.hmmm I could do with one now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Bieber Continues Feat Mylie Cyrus

 Tayla aka Mylie Cyrus
 Tayla had a thing at school where they had to dress up as a celeb. She went as Mylie Cyrus.So I decided to do a little photo shoot.I think she made a pretty good Mylie in that outfit and boots.What you think?
 And then Josh thought well if Tayla can dress up as a celeb so would he even though there was nothing happening at his school.So he was ....Justin Bieber of course.So he went off and chose his clothing and did his hair.
 And I let you know he came up with all these poses by himself.Very Bieber.

 Wait wait I gotta fix my hair.

 *Insert sexy whistle*

 Mini Bieber
 He was doing Justin's move,pretty good hay

Josh We needed some Bieber music it would have been much better then hay?

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