Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taming the Little Beast

While watching the dragon movie
So cute how while we were laying he put his hand on my arm

Well yesterday My Sister had told us about the 2 year olds story form school.And basically his play school teacher had said that when he first came to school he was like a little skipper dog and now he is like a pitbull on steroids hehe.Because now he is fighting with all the kiddies.We thought this was hillerious.My sister had to go to the school class meeting and it turns out he isnt realy a bully he is just abit rough,which I take it is because he has a bigger brother.But I had to babysit last night while my sister and brother in law went to the meeting.So I was abit nervous to have to look after the little "beast"But it started off smoothly.His big brother came home from judo and we ate some food and then we went and sat in his brothers room to watch his dragon movie and to my surprise "Ryan"layed still next to me while holding my arm and watched the movie while he drank his bottle.I took a pic on my phone to send to my perants-Saying I tamed the beast!And then shortly after he sat up and threw up all over me.I stood up to help him and then he threw up another 2 times.All the while Steven is saying ahh man that is my favourite blanket.So I guess he showed me!!But we got all cleaned up ,he said he felt better after.And he ended up falling asleep next to me on the couch.Steven went to bed in his bed and his mom and dad got home at about 20:35 and both were passed out.So all in all i guess I tamed the beast lol


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