Saturday, February 5, 2011

Off to the barber we go

Now i have never heard of a 6 year old who wants to have his hair cut at a barber,my my nephew Josh has proven me wrong.We all went down to the barber shop this morning so him and his dad Grant could go get their hair done.
Very happy with his hair do!!gel and all.
I just love this little greek barber man he is so tiny and comes across as not friendly but when Josh sits in his barber chair he smiles and talks to him.He is the shortest little greek man I have ever met ,but he is the master when he has those scissors in his hand.It is amazing even when he moves his hand away his hand is still chopping away with his scissors. He also makes Josh shake his hand before getting in his seat.And after they have paid they always give Tayla and josh a sucker.:)


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